Golden Retriever Golf Head Cover

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  • Golden Retriever Golf Head Cover

    Looking to make a golden statement on the fairway? Well look no further! Daphne’s offers a wide array of dog head covers and, more specifically, a Golden Retriever golf head cover.  With this adaptation of man’s best friend, you are sure to smile anytime you reach into your bag for your clubs.

    With our Golden Retriever golf cover, not only will you generate conversations, you will also be protecting your clubs from being “ruffed” up (no pun intended) until you need them most. All of our golf head covers are fully lined with thick, synthetic sheepskin and are elasticized to ensure a secure fit. In addition, our eyes are made in Italy specifically for us and each animal’s fur is made to order, achieving an authentic likeness. Don’t worry though – you never have to brush this puppy!

    Because we stand behind every product we offer, you can expect a 100% lifetime guarantee on products – whether it’s our Gold Retriever or German Shepherd Golf Head Covers, we handle them all. If you ever experience a problem with your product, please contact the number on the head covers label.

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    About Daphne’s Head Covers

    We are proud to say that Daphne’s Headcovers is the leading animal golf headcover business in the world.

    Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Daphne’s Headcovers are sold in 75 countries. Honduras and Israel are among our newest locations. I was only 16 when together my mum, Daphne, the company’s namesake, and I founded the animal headcover business. We were making puppets and selling them all over the western U.S. at weekend arts and crafts shows, when a customer suggested the puppets might make great golf headcovers. “A silly idea,” we thought,” but let’s give it a try.”

    Somehow I managed to convince the folks at the Arizona Biltmore golf shop that our headcovers would be the next big thing, and we were launched. I couldn’t believe I had succeeded and sat in my car and cried afterwards.


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