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Our Story

I’m Jane, and I sell animals for a living...

...animal golf headcovers.

In 1978 my Mum, Daphne, and I invented the animal headcover. (Has it been 45 years?)

My headcovers slowly spread across the world. To local golf courses and foreign pro shops. Some chose to travel with the 200+ touring pros that carry Daphne's.

But in 1997, my business changed forever.

Tiger Woods won the Master's carrying my Tiger headcover. Business exploded.

Daphne's grew - a lot.

Our Tiger now has 82 PGA tour wins - accompanied by Tiger Woods. But my mission is still the same.

Create headcovers that make you smile. Soft headcovers. Headcovers that look like your pet. Quality headcovers that will protect your clubs for years.


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