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Welcome to Daphne’s Headcovers, the proud home of the most famous–and fun–animal golf headcovers in the world! But before we became the leading animal golf headcover business selling in over 75 countries, it was just Daphne’s founder, Jane Spicer, and her mother–the company namesake–Daphne. Over 40 years ago, the mother daughter pair collaborated making puppets as a way to make some extra money when Jane was in school, traveling around the U.S. at weekend arts and craft shows. When one customer suggested the puppets could make great golf headcovers, Jane and Daphne decided to give it a try. Soon they were hand-making and selling headcovers out of their home base in Phoenix, Arizona.

The Tiger for Tiger

The headcover business grew steadily, and, in 1991, Jane Spicer devoted her efforts full time to the golf animal headcovers. During that time, a young golfing phenom by the name of Eldrick Woods began using one of Daphne’s animal gold headcovers: the tiger. Eldrick “Tiger” Woods was just a teenager at the time, competing–and winning with record-breaking style–in junior tournaments. Tiger’s mother, Kultida, first bought a Daphne tiger headcover in 1983 for her son. But the tiger was much more than a lovable animal headcover, Kultida head sewed the words “Love Always, Mom” in Thai. The Daphne headcover was a symbol of a mother’s love, that would always be with Tiger even when Kultida was unable to make amateur events.

A Symbol of Maternal Love

Little did Daphne and Jane know that that this would be a partnership that would spark a golfing sensation with their quality animal headcovers set front and center. Kultida made it a tradition to buy a new Daphne tiger headcover each year, and she hand-stitched her message of love anew for her son each time. Jane’s mother retired in 1994 but passed away suddenly a year after. The two had collaborated on the design of their tiger golf headcover, and after the tragic passing of Daphne, Jane decided to honor her memory by keeping the tiger design how they had left it together. The tiger headcover came to represent a lot for us here at Daphne’s Headcovers. Not only does the story involve the loving care and kindness of Tiger and his mother, but also that special bond between Jane Spicer’s partner, mentor, and mother: Daphne.


Fun and Inspirational Golf Headcovers

As Tiger’s career took off, his tiger headcover soared in popularity as well–the cuddly tiger who is now known as an icon in his own right, Frank, is even the feature of nine Nike commercials. Soon, the Tiger tiger was in high demand and so was the growing collection of fun, crafted animal golf headcovers offered by Daphne’s Headcovers. With Tiger’s incredible comeback and his 2019 Master’s victory, the Daphne’s Tiger Headcovers are once again inspiring golfers across the world to pursue excellence on the links with a bit of fun, a bit of fuzz, and a lot of love. Daphne’s Headcovers is proud to offer our famous tiger headcover in golf pro shops across the world and available online with free shipping in the continental U.S. and availability in over 75 countries.

Unmatched Quality and Style

We invite you to browse our over 175 designs to find the golf headcover you love most. Show off some spunk and style with a fun, quality, novelty Daphne headcover of your own. We love that our headcovers keep your prized driver and other clubs hidden and protected from damage from adverse weather. And we ensure that every Daphne’s headcover includes a 100% lifetime guarantee, which means you can send in old or worn headcovers for repair or replacement. We are confident in the quality of the materials and craftsmanship of our durable covers. Protect your clubs with panache with the headcovers used by Tiger and over 200 other Pros in the PGA and LPGA tours. When you buy a Daphne’s headcover, you get the best. As founder Jane Spicer notes: “Mum wouldn’t stand for anything but the best, and each headcover has her name on it. So it has to be right.”