About Daphne’s Headcovers

You are likely to find a Daphne’s display, sometimes two, at almost any golf store, golf club or resort pro shop globally.  We like to think our headcovers liven up the place. People love stroking the soft fur, smiling at the iconic Gopher, hugging the lovable Lab.  We have more than 175 designs to choose from.  And wait until they see your golf bag at the Bag Drop. Always a show-stopper!  We also like the fact that our novelty headcovers hide your expensive driver from prying eyes, at the same time protecting it from damage—even from damaging UV rays—with top-grade materials.  Daphne’s is the real deal!

Quality Product

Our history

We are proud to say that Daphne’s Headcovers is the leading animal golf headcover business in the world. Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Daphne’s Headcovers are sold in over 75 countries. Honduras and Israel are among our newest locations. I was only 16 when together my mum, Daphne, the company’s namesake, and I founded the animal headcover business. We were making puppets and selling them all over the western U.S. at weekend arts and crafts shows, when a customer suggested the puppets might make great golf headcovers. “A silly idea,” we thought,” but let’s give it a try.”

I was lucky enough that my first customer, Pete at the Arizona Biltmore was a kind and mentoring person. Not only did he place our very first order but he introduced me to some of his network. Through Pete’s kindness Daphne’s Headcovers was born.

Quality Product

Decades later, Daphne’s has become a trusted name in the golf industry. Golfers who carry a Daphne’s headcover—or several, which many do—know that every one carries a 100% lifetime guarantee. That’s how confident we are about our headcovers. Quality materials and fine workmanship ensure a durable product. Each headcovers bears Daphne’s signature as a tribute to her and as a commitment to you, to always uphold the highest quality on everything that we do.

Mum retired in 1994 and passed away suddenly a year later. We are dedicated to following the high standards she set and never compromise our values. As we grew and expanded, I hired staff for all departments. One criterion I always apply when hiring is that people have to be kind. I strive for success, but not at the expense of basic human values. We have many employees who have been with us for decades.  If you visit Daphne’s Headcovers you will meet some wonderful people, hear a lot of laugher and probably be asked to lend a hand as it’s a busy, busy place.

Steady growth

Daphne’s has been fortunate to achieve consistent growth throughout the years. We introduce new lines and a new catalog every year. Golf accessories have been doing well overall as the economy recovers, and as golf has boomed so has Daphne’s, and we couldn’t be more delighted. Thank you for your support and letting us continue to do what we love.

Customer is king

Excellent customer service goes with the Daphne’s name.  It’s just who we are.  Occasionally customers of many years send us tattered headcovers for which they have a sentimental attachment, hoping the lifetime guarantee can be invoked to repair or replace the item.  We are happy to honor our promise.  More than 200 PGA, LPGA and Champions Tour pros carry Daphne’s headcovers.  When the pros come to town for the WM Phoenix Open, I always ask if their headcovers need any attention. We’ve straightened the antenna on Padraig Harrington’s lady bug, given Michael Phelps a fresh shark, celebrated new puppies and brought Headcovers to match!

When you carry our colorful headcovers, we can promise that you will be noticed and admired for your sense of fun and personality.  That should help lighten-up a double-bogey round!


As a 10 year old I asked my Mum, Daphne, our company’s namesake for a sailboat and she said “ think of a business and earn it yourself.”  With her guidance I learned to make stuffed toys, then puppets and  golf club covers. Together we were working on making and selling them all over the western U.S.  And soon the business of animal headcovers was soaring!  I did buy that sailboat, and  a few more after that and found that I just loved paving my own way and the entrepreneurial life style.