About Jane Spicer

You are likely to find a Daphne’s display, sometimes two, at almost any golf store, golf club or resort pro shop. We like to think our headcovers liven up the place. People love stroking the soft fur, smiling at the silly Gopher, hugging the lovable Lab. We have more than 175 designs to choose from. And wait until they see your golf bag at the Bag Drop. Always a show-stopper! We also like the fact that our novelty headcovers hide your $500 driver from prying eyes, at the same time protecting it from damage—even from damaging UV rays—with top-grade materials. In a world of fake news and broken expectations, Daphne’s is the real deal.


As a true Arizona native, I love sunsets and saguaros. One of our newest headcovers is a Roadrunner, another native of the Southwest. Daphne’s is a home-grown Arizona company, although we are now represented in 75 countries. Our Phoenix headquarters contains a warehouse and manufacturing base, so I get to be involved, “hands-on,” with some of our production. We started with animal headcovers. Our Best Sellers include The Golden Retriever, The Gopher, and of course, The Tiger. Tiger Woods’ mother gave him that headcover, and it put Daphne’s on the map. The “Just For Fun” headcovers came later, like The Pirate and The Ninja. We are always moving forward, looking ahead and creating new designs.

Entrepreneurial spirit

There is no school I know of that offers a degree in Entrepreneurship. I just learned “on the job,” from the mistakes I made along the way and the challenges I encountered. There were plenty of both. Being a 16 year-old girl selling a new product to what could affectionately be referred to as the “old boys club” presented challenges every day. But I knew we had a quality product and a niche in the golf business that no one else occupied. We believed totally in what we were doing, and still do, and work tirelessly to be the best that we can be. Golf is still a male-dominated industry, with few other female CEO’s, but our success has made that situation less significant.

I have always felt that with success comes responsibility. Along the way I seem to have become something of a role model for young entrepreneurs, especially women. It is a great pleasure for me to serve as a mentor and help them succeed in whatever their passion may be.

Life-work balance

I stumbled a bit, actually a lot, when my mum passed way suddenly. All the responsibility was suddenly on my shoulders. Somehow the company survived and even thrived, and so did my children. Let’s just say I learned a few things about life-work balance. I truly enjoy hiking our wonderful trails in Arizona. Family time is precious with my two children and our various rescue animals.

One of the things I love about Daphne’s is that we don’t take ourselves too seriously. How can you, surrounded by the silly Gopher, the crazy Monkey Made of Sockies, and those lovable pups? Friends often ask me, “What’s in your Inbox today?” It could be an urgent request for unicorn headcovers to be delivered to the Phoenix Open, or a note from a long-time customer asking us to restore a beloved yet bedraggled headcover.

So now you know. There is a real person behind the company. It’s me, myself and I, Jane, head honcho, CEO, and chief fixer of Ladybug antennae—just ask Padraig Harrington.