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Headcovers Inspire Love On The Links

Thanks to discounted twilight rates, tee times were filled on a late summer afternoon. The first group out was a foursome of strangers. They shared a mutual love of the game, but were otherwise mismatched in skill level and temperament. One of the strangers was a very grumpy man. Head down, eyes averted, he scowled at every errant shot and barely spoke.


The Lady with the Lab

After the first hole he looked at one of the women’s Labrador headcover and petted it. At the third hole he rushed to pick it up when she dropped it, but still with a frown. As the foursome rounded the ninth, the woman with the Lab picked him up after he retrieved a shanked ball.


The grumpy man asked why she had a Lab headcover. She replied that she loved them and had Labs at home. At that point the grumpy man’s eyes welled with tears. He told her he had put his Lab down the day before and was golfing because he couldn’t bear to be at home without her.

The foursome had drinks later and exchanged numbers. Two years later the grumpy man proposed to the lady with the Lab, and they had a Labrador bride and groom on top of their wedding cake.


People Connectors

After 38 years in business in the global golf marketplace, we know without a doubt that Daphne’s headcovers are “people connectors.” And conversation starters! If you have a beloved pet at home and see a matching animal headcover on someone’s bag, it’s almost impossible to resist talking to that golfer.


We can’t promise it will lead to romance; you may just gain a new golfing friend. Our latest headcover designs are selected according to how many requests were submitted for that design over the previous year. Really, they’re in demand before they’re even produced. One of our bestsellers, the Gopher headcover from Caddyshack, is so popular, we offer it in both the standard and hybrid/utility sizes.


New Friends

A woman from New England was golfing in Scottsdale where she had just moved because of a corporate transfer.  She found the desert a little hot and unforgiving and missed her friends.  One of the people in the foursome commented on her “Lobstah” headcover because she was also from New England. They had a great round.


The woman from New England was invited to play in the “Lobstah woman’s” golfing group.  They refer to each other many years later as “my Lobster friend.”  She says she loves the desert now and owes the Lobster for making her the best friends possible.


Your Stories

We would love to hear from you! Tell us about how a Daphne’s headcover led to making a new friend on the golf course! Please share your stories in our Comments section below.

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