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We Love Grumpy Customers

Why would any business want to talk to a grumpy customer? At Daphne’s, we consider it an extraordinarily valuable gift. It’s our big chance! We get to wrestle with the challenge of converting “grumpy” into “happy.” After all, Daphne’s motto is “Bringing a Smile to the Game of Golf.”


One headcover at a time

Our customers know we care about getting it right and that we’re willing to keep going until we get it right. And who decides what “right” is? The customer of course.


Some situations stand out from all the rest. We all remember one demanding customer who we finally managed to please, after mighty efforts by staff members. One of our golf shops had promised a customer a Doberman, which we didn’t make, so they ordered a Rottweiler headcover instead. When it was delivered, the customer began to cry. Her beloved Doberman had just passed, and she had been so excited to have a memento.


The embarrassed golf shop owner called Daphne’s. He screamed his way through customer service until he finally got me. I told him that I felt for him and his level of embarrassment, and we just wanted to make him happy. He sheepishly asked if he could return the Rottweiler and have a Gorilla headcover for his golf bag. I sent it off at no charge with a note, and he’s been a customer ever since.


Lifetime Guarantee

Not that it happens very often, but when a misunderstanding occurs, it’s usually our Lifetime Guarantee that gets us into trouble.  Every headcover Daphne’s produces has a Lifetime Guarantee, and we stand behind it. Send us your shabby, discolored headcovers, limp with sentimental value. We’ll send them back good as new—or as close as we can get.


That’s saying a lot when you’re dealing with customers in more than 75 countries spanning the globe.

We once got a 20-year-old Chicken headcover returned for repairs. It was coming apart like the Shroud of Turin. The owner loved this Chicken and didn’t want it replaced. So we built a new chicken underneath it and kept the remnants of the thin, faded and decaying Chicken headcover as its outer frame.


Role Model

I consider Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz one of the most inspiring business leaders out there. Even while serving up millions of cups of coffee all over the world, the Starbucks experience still feels somehow personal.  I can plug in my laptop and feel right at home in any Starbucks location.


Our business is intensely personal.  Golfers select headcovers that reflect their personalities and little quirks. Or it could be a special gift from someone meaningful in your life. Maybe you won your first tournament with that headcover on your bag. From that point on, it’s your good luck charm.


I’ve always been a people person and love to chat about our colorful headcovers.   They just invite conversation.  There are no strangers in Daphne’s world.   When you call Daphne’s, you will talk to a person, not be subjected to a recording.  Real people delivering a personal experience for 38 years.

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