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Do You Have or Can You Make?

I love those questions.    All of our golf headcover designs come from customer inquiries.  Do you have a brilliant concept for a headcover?  Just ask!  We encourage suggestions.  Daphne’s will gladly take your idea and put it through our proven  process to determine its suitability.  Here’s how it works.


Start the process
At the beginning of the year, we put up a big blank board at headquarters and enter requests as they are received. We make a tally mark whenever the same request comes in from our customers and friends. When we start to hear the same headcover idea over and over, we begin to pay attention.
We always appreciate your suggestions and put them on the board. Sadly, some just sit there all alone waiting for tally marks. I have to admit, some of the requests are a little unusual. “Do you have a headcover that is an outhouse?” and “Can you make a headcover that is wearing a toupee?” are two examples.

Will your idea become a Daphne’s Headcover?
Top vote-getters move on to the next stage: evaluation — deciding if the headcover design has wide appeal. Maybe it’s too regional. We love Manatees, sometimes known as sea cows, but we couldn’t sell them outside of Florida. Mention a Golden or Labradoodle and how they will “sit” and pay attention. It’s a fetching idea, and they are loved from coast to coast, so on to the next stage it goes.

Next, we look at how feasible it would be to put together. What materials will we need to use and are they readily available? Will it need special stitching or custom parts? Some of the more elaborate designs require extra time to assemble or custom fabric.

Finally, will the new headcover design work for a golf club? It’s not the size. We produce hybrid and utility headcovers, as well as standard driver headcovers. The shape is what’s important. We really liked the manta ray, but it’s a flat, linear creature. We finally had to admit that the manta ray just wasn’t cut out to sit atop a round golf clubhead.

New and original
After 38 years in business, we are proud to offer a diverse collection of more than 175 original headcover designs. Our careful selection process is the key to our success, but we are a product of our customers’ imaginations. So please continue to share your ideas, no matter how wacky!

We typically introduce 6-12 new headcovers each year. Currently _________, and _____ and ______ are under serious consideration for the newest headcover designs. Yes, these were left blank intentionally. We keep the designs a secret until the Big Reveal in January.

Just so you know, a request for custom golf headcovers typically gets a big “yes.” We love transforming your ideas into custom designs that will bring fun to your special events, corporate customers and golf tournaments.

Daphne’s has created custom headcovers for Bobcat, Caterpillar, and Vienna Beef, among others. We look forward to designing more.

Keep those questions coming!

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