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Lessons from Mum

As Mother’s Day approaches, I am especially grateful for all that my mum, Daphne, did for me. She was caring, loving, and endlessly patient.  She didn’t throw a fit when I announced at the advanced age of ten that I needed a sailboat.  She just asked me how I was going to pay for it, and then pitched in to help earn the money.  We became great partners at making toys, then puppets, which we sold on weekends at arts and crafts shows around the western U.S.  I earned enough to buy the sailboat, but finding the time to enjoy it was another story.

From puppets to headcovers

When making puppets morphed into making golf headcovers, we were truly entering uncharted waters. But we always liked trying new things (it runs in the family), so we forged ahead.   Much to our surprise, the headcovers took off, and suddenly we were in the golf business.   Some 38 years later, Daphne’s is the #1 golf headcover company in the world.  Thanks, Mum

Business Advice Always listen to your Mum.  Seriously, the values she instilled in me have evolved into the core values that guide the way Daphne’s operates today.  Prominent among them is to “do good by doing well.”  We take that message to heart and partner with a number of charitable organizations by donating a portion of sales proceeds from certain animal headcovers.

Daphne’s is proud to support the ASPCA® www.aspca.org, Gabriel’s Angels www.GabrielsAngels.org, The Ernie Els Fancourt Foundation www.ErnieEls.com/foundation, and The Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children www.arnoldpalmerhospital.com.

Mother’s Influence

I have learned that a mother’s words tend to have a long-lasting impact, even if children might seem disdainful at the time.  It sinks in deeply.  Years later, you hear people claiming, “My mother always used to say…” as if it were the gospel truth.  I took to heart much of what my mum imparted to me, yet sometimes can’t help but wonder how much I’m getting through to my own children.

In 1994, Mum announced her retirement. One short year later she passed suddenly and unexpectedly from a brain tumor.  That same year Tiger Woods won the Masters, and my business grew 400% in one quarter.    Tiger carried our Tiger Headcover prominently on his golf bag, so Daphne’s received instant media attention.  Tiger’s mother had originally purchased the headcover, and it has stayed with him since his amateur days.

While business was booming and required all my attention, at the same time, I was grieving for my mentor, my partner, my mum.   Somehow Daphne’s managed to survive and actually thrive in the subsequent years.  Our headcovers are now sold in 75 countries.  We lead the industry in a niche we created and continue to re-invent ourselves year after year. My mum’s name is on every headcover we make.  We always remember where we came from.  Thanks, Mum.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Daphne’s.


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