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We just sent 500 camels to Morocco.

We just sent 500 camels to Morocco.   The camels added Morocco to the map of the 75 countries we serve, in addition to our regular line of more than 175 animal and “just for fun” headcovers.  People wonder, where do they come from? Who thinks up these things?  We’re a creative bunch at Daphne’s.  New ideas are always encouraged.  We are listening and it’s you, our customers,  that have made Daphne’s the company we are.


Sometimes it’s just so obvious.  For instance, The Gopher headcover was inspired by the beleaguered little creature that so provoked Bill Murray in the popular 1980 movie Caddyshack.   Our employees and customers are like extended family so, as you might imagine, we have many sources of ideas.

We like to stay connected to our customers.  At the 2017 Waste Management Phoenix Open, PGA Tour pro Padraig Harrington asked me to “tweak the antennae” on his Ladybug headcover.  They were a little bent. Delighted!  We are full service.

Business Advice.  “Take care of your customers” is one of Daphne’s core values.  We honor it daily, and it comes back to us tenfold.   One of the ways we take good care of our customers is by offering   exceptional service and quality.  We are proud to be the only headcover company that offers a lifetime guarantee. Returns are rare, although we have received beloved headcovers that are sometimes decades old, from all over the world.  We once got a decaying chicken that was a gift from a now- deceased husband.  Our customer was so passionate that we just repair it, although it was as delicate as the Shroud of Turin.  So1 we listened and rebuilt a new chicken under the existing fabric. If it can’t be repaired and restored to good condition, we are glad to provide a replacement. After all, every headcover has my Mum’s name on it, so it has to be right.  It’s personal to me.


Our customers drive the business, and they aren’t shy about telling us what they want.  We always do our best to comply.  That’s who we are.  Television golf personality David Feherty wanted a talking headcover with his likeness.  We made it happen, and The David Feherty became Daphne’s first human talking headcover.   Feherty’s voice was recorded with some (not surprisingly) “cheeky comments.” An advance sellout, the headcover was a show-stopper at the 2017 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando.  

I am grateful for what I have learned from my customers, and often humbled.  One of our representatives in China enlightened me about the proper balance between Work, Family and Self.  He said that attention to Self needed to be first, otherwise the other two would not be well served.  Great advice from an unexpected source.     Welcome to the wonderful world of Daphne’s.



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