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Hello! I’m Jane Spicer, CEO of Daphne’s Headcovers.  Welcome to the Grand Opening of my blog!

I extend a special welcome to our loyal longtime customers, greetings to new customers, and “welcome back” to returning customers.  At the recent PGA Show in Orlando, folks from all over the country came up to me to say, “We’re coming back to Daphne’s.”  Their reasons for returning made me proud—things like customer service, reliability and fine quality products.  It was as if deferred decisions could finally be made as we all emerged from the long recession.    Most rewarding of all, I got to look people in the eye and say, “Thank you.”

Yes, there is a real person behind the company.  And there has been for all the 38 years that Daphne’s has been in business.  It’s me, myself and I, Jane, head honcho, CEO, and deliverer of unicorns.   The unicorn headcover was a special request from a customer.  Daphne’s is always moving forward, looking ahead and creating new designs.  We named the company after a real person, my Mum, Daphne, who was my inspiration and my partner.  Let me tell you the story of Daphne’s Headcovers.

From puppets to headcovers

As a precocious ten-year-old, I determined that I needed a sailboat. My Mum, who was wise beyond her years, encouraged my seemingly impractical dream with a high dose of reality. “Think of a business and earn the money yourself,” she said.  “Okay, I’ll make toys,” I replied.  Mum and I worked side-by-side and sure enough, I earned the money for my own sailboat. Soon thereafter, the toys morphed into puppets and we became a team selling our creations at weekend arts and crafts shows.

I was almost sixteen years old when Mum came home to tell me that a customer had suggested a silly idea to turn our puppets into golf club covers. That “silly” idea set in motion the development of one of the world’s most successful animal golf head cover companies.

Over the years, my Mum, Daphne, the company’s namesake, and I cut, sewed, designed, packed, delivered, answered phones and did everything to grow our company.  In 1994, she announced her retirement.   I purchased Daphne’s Headcovers and moved the inventory from our home to our first real office space. A year later my son Jack was born. Life was indeed good!

It was one short year later when Mum passed suddenly and unexpectedly from a brain tumor. That same year, Tiger Woods won the Masters and my business grew 400% in one quarter.  His Tiger headcover by Daphne’s drew worldwide attention.  With a toddler attached to my hip, grieving unbearably for my mentor…my partner…my Mum, I was forced to leave the safety of my sailboat and dive in to meet the new demand for my headcovers.

I couldn’t hire seamstresses quickly enough as requests came from around the world and there were no signs of it slowing down. Soon, I was managing two shifts of 75 employees while my son slept on my office floor.  I wanted him to be with me and there was no time to go home.

Today Daphne’s Headcovers are sold in 75 countries.

We are found at the world’s top resorts and golf shops and our designs are carried on the bags of more than 200 professional golfers on the major golf tours. We lead the industry in a niche we created, and we continue to reinvent ourselves year after year.

I’ve learned that waking up every morning terrified about how I would make it all work is actually quite normal for entrepreneurs. It’s what fuels those of us who choose to make our own way in life.

I’ve been blessed with a wonderful life with my children Jack and Sarah and many beloved and rescued animals.  I often reflect on Mum’s challenge to pay for that sailboat. Today, I pay it forward as Daphne’s Headcovers partners with a significant number of worthy charities to help as many as we can to achieve their dreams. Giving back has been part of Daphne’s core values from the start. Most recently, I created a headcover in honor of Gabriel, the founding dog of Gabriel’s Angels, a Phoenix-based charity that uses therapy dogs to deliver healing pet therapy to abused, neglected and at-risk children. Donating a portion of those proceeds to support Gabriel’s Angels’ good work is just the icing on the cake for me.

Mum always encouraged me to do good while I was doing well. In fact, that is one of our core values. I think she would be quite proud of the legacy her words have wrought.

My intention with this blog is to connect with Daphne’s family of customers and vendors worldwide.  Expect useful information plus updates on our latest creations and newest locations.   Honduras, Morocco and Israel are some of our newest spots.  I will share tips on how to grow a successful business and what I have learned as a female CEO in a male-dominated industry.     We welcome you to the wonderful world of Daphne’s.

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