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Lifetime Guarantee! Each headcover carries a 100% guarantee. Customers can call Daphne’s toll-free number
where every staff member is empowered to solve any problem.

Quality comes first. Not only are we the best but we’ll most likely be your favorite, too!

Pumped up! Each headcover uses thread four times stronger than necessary.
Looking New! Fabrics are designed to fend-off wear and tear of the sun’s UV rays.
What do you think? We encourage calls and input, especially with ideas for custom designs and embroidery.
We protect the investment in your expensive equipment and line our headcovers with thick, synthetic sheepskin
which we introduced to the market. Our lining is double the plush of any other on the market.
Daphne’s headcovers deter theft. You won’t be advertising what’s under the cover.
We’re washable! Our quality furs allow all headcovers to be hand washed, dry cleaned or spot washed. Line
drying and blow drying will fluff the furs.
Premium furs. Different types of furs provide unique looks and textures including our spotted coat Leopard, the
short and curly fur of our Golden Retriever or the long fur of the Shih Tzu.
Personality plus. Daphne’s Headcovers encourage your personality to shine through on the golf course making
your golf bag easy to recognize.
Working for you. Specializing in animal headcovers and other unique designs, we create the highest quality
headcovers on the market and we dedicate our energy and focus to the process and to our customers.
Built-in profit. Each headcover generates up to 50% profit based on keystone pricing. If a headcover doesn’t
sell, simply send it back and we will replace it!
Daphne’s on tv. Daphne’s Headcovers are carried on all the major tours—PGA, LPGA, Champions and
Australian Women’s Tour — and at Celebrity fund-raising events.
Big names. Can you guess who carries our Tiger? Here are just a few of the pros and what they carry: Ernie Els
(Lion), Justin Leonard (Yellow Lab), Jerry Kelly (Badger), Aaron Baddeley (Badd’s Koala), Darren Clark (Frog),
Beth Bader (Purple Hope Dolphin), Lorena Ochoa (Mexican Flag), Craig Stadler (Walrus), Brandi Burton (Chimp),
Christi Cano (Be The Ball Mulligan), Julieta Granada (Crab and Bichon).
Visit our website (www.daphnesheadcovers.com) to see the rest of Daphne’s “Headcover Hall of Fame.”
Leading the way. Daphne’s is an industry leader and we design and market ahead of golf-industry trends in
keeping current with official USGA Guidelines.

Hybrid/Putter Covers: Daphne’s new generation of club headcovers are designed
to accommodate traditional blade and mallet putters with a size maximum of 3"
x 5" and they are an excellent choice for junior clubs and smaller fairway
woods. They are especially geared toward the growing market trend to hybrid
and utility clubs which meld the playability of woods/metals and longer irons
by creating unique shapes and designs.
NOTE: Fabrics are subject to change without notice due to availability.